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BeanBay » Green Coffee » Panama Geisha Bajo Mono Washed

Panama Geisha Bajo Mono Washed

Panama Geisha Bajo Mono Natural - one of the planets most amazing coffees with a price tag to suit. Geisha is a low yielding coffee tree and requires a lot of extra labour and hand sorting to get it to this standard. Sweet, juicy and with floral aromatics unlike any other varietal from the initial smell to the very last drop.

The natural process is fruitier than the cleaner finishing, juicier washed process and it's an amazing experience to try them side by side.

Geisha can be stunning as an espresso but I think it really shines in filter and plunger at lighter roast depths. You'll typically find these commanding well over $400/kg roasted so at $185/kg (under $5 cup) it's the cheapest you'll ever reach the top shelf.

Unit weight:1.00kg
Price per kg:$185.00
Price:$185.00 / 1.00kg
FairCrack donation:$0.50 per kilogram

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