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Welcome to BeanBay! To place an order you will need to register at the forums. If you are already registered, you can log in to see your order history. Click here for more information about CoffeeSnobs and BeanBay.

What Is BeanBay?

CoffeeSnobs - Australia's favourite place to discuss beans, machines and the process of making great coffee. Just about anytime, day or night you will find interesting people posting questions and getting a range of answers on our forums from our membership. Joining is free and once a month you will be sent an email newsletter letting you know what varieties of specialty coffee beans are on the horizon. We also coordinate a number of get togethers throughout the year all over the country, its great fun getting together with like minded people that share the same passion. The CoffeeSnobs website expenses and freight subsidies (amongst other things) are paid for from site sponsor advertising payments, please support the sponsors that support our community. CoffeeSnobs members are among the friendliest and most helpful on the Internet and in time you will be helping a new member on their journey to coffee nirvana. Most of all, please have fun learning and sharing your experiences here.

BeanBay is the CoffeeSnobs electronic shop, it's the place that you can purchase fresh roasted coffee, raw coffee to roast yourself or all manner of interesting coffee related products including books and even clothing. Current stock availability is shown live and our subsidised shipping options to suit your address will be displayed at the checkout.

Our roasted coffee offerings vary with world crop cycles and which coffees are currently the best and most interesting available. The electronic BeanBay store is open 24 hours a day, payments can be either via bank transfer (EFT) or via credit card (processed by PayPal) with their actual fees added on if you choose PayPal payments.

Our green coffee bean offerings are sourced from all over the world and tested for quality. The best of them we offer in our BeanBay monthly green bean sale. These are typically sold in 2.5kg lots at a very cheap per kilogram price. We send an email to all CoffeeSnobs members letting you know which new green beans will be available in BeanBay. Sometimes a popular or small volume bean will sell out in minutes but we do try to ensure that there are a range of green beans available all month long for roasters to purchase.