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Yemen Hamasil Village

A very special and unique addition to our Yemen coffee range. The Hamasil village in Yemen is postcard stunning, full of history and regional culture and the coffee they produce is amazing. Hand nurtured trees, hand picked red cherry and sun dried on the roof-tops in the village. This is old-growth Yemeni heirloom coffee at it's very best.

In the cup it's big, bold, deep with fat berry aromatics and a thick heavy viscous body and mouth feel. Yemen is always an amazing coffee experience.

Minimum 1kg order due to the roast batch sizes.

$60.00/kg packed in 2 x 500g zipper reseal valve bags
$58.00/kg packed in large 2.5kg zipper reseal valve bags
$56.00/kg for 10kg lots packed in 4 x 2.5kg zipper reseal valve bags

Price:Varies by weight
FairCrack donation:$0.50 per kilogram

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