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Behmor - Jake 1kg Coffee Roaster

Behmor - Jake 1kg Coffee Roaster
(hopefully arriving sometime in 2024)

It's currently only a 120v prototype (no 240v prototype yet) but when in production and certified for Australia we'll import it and it will show as available here when we can touch it.

Jake is the name of the new 1kg capacity roaster

2000 watts heating
360 watts cooling
Dimensions: 38cm wide X 71cm long X 53cm high (without hopper- 66cm with)
Roast times 12 minutes - as long as you want. Average roast time is 14-15 minutes to
second crack.
Capacity: 100 grams to 1 kilogram
Heavily insulated for efficiency and safety
Controllable recycled roast chamber air for added efficiency
Adjustable Roast chamber air flow
Improved smoke suppression system
Bean mass and Chamber thermocouples and display

Please use the [contact us] below to get added to the Jake notification list and we will let you know more details as we know them.

COVID was a bugga, all development paused and factories weren't taking on new work. It's starting to settle-down so things will start to move again soon.

However, we will not guess a date or a price of something that doesn't exist and would never take a deposit on something we cannot touch but we will update this page and keep you in the loop as soon as we have something interesting to share!

Unit weight:30.00kg
Price:$0.00 each
Availability:SOLD OUT

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