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BeanBay » Green Coffee » Jack Daniels Barrel Colombian

Jack Daniels Barrel Colombian

Take a well graded Colombian Arabica green coffee and instead of fermenting it in concrete tanks place the green bean into Jack Daniels Barrels to age them.

Jack Daniels uses white oak to make the barrels and then chars the inside of them over a fire pit. By storing the green bean in previously used JD barrels the dry woody oak characteristics along with spices, vanilla and of course bourbon whiskey flavours move across into the beans while still retaining their coffee flavours.

The resulting coffee is like no other. The colour of the green beans (due to whiskey and charred oak) is a lot darker than normal so don't roast by colour, roast by temperature/time.

They are easy to roast though and I found the oak and bourbon flavours strongest if you drop them before second crack.

Lots of fun playing with this one!

Unit weight:1.00kg
Price per kg:$75.00
Price:$75.00 / 1.00kg
FairCrack donation:$0.50 per kilogram

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