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BeanBay » Coffee Roasters - Coffee Brewers » Gene Cafe CBR-101 Red Coffee Roaster

Gene Cafe CBR-101 Red Coffee Roaster

The Gene Cafe CBR-101 Coffee Roaster is a very clever off-axis coffee roaster that uses a mixture of great agitation and very even heat to produce some great looking roasts.

This is the latest Australian model in a special go-fast RED

300g green bean capacity, 250g roasted bean output
Easy to operate, Great vision while roasting
Very quiet to use, Large chaff catcher
Specially built for Australian Voltages
(not just modified from another country)
Australian Safety Certification


2.5 kg green coffee beans (our selection)
Valve bags to store your roasted coffee in.
$5 FairCrack donation.

FREE FREIGHT anywhere in Australia

Don't get stuck with a dodgy import or an old model roaster, CoffeeSnobs gets these built at the factory and is always the very latest Australian model.

Unit weight:9.90kg
Price:$849.00 each
FairCrack donation:$5.00 per item
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