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Costa Rica Miel SHB

Costa Rica Miel SHB is another coffee from the premium region in Costa Rica, Tarrazu and Honey processed by the good folks at Coop Dota.

This high grown, large screened, Costa Rican was honey processed leaving the fruit in contact with the seed much longer. During processing this looks like a sticky, gooey mess hence the term miel. The result in the cup is typically sweeter and fruitier and that's certainly the case here. You can smell the sweetness even before roasting and the body in the cup is greatly improved over the traditional processing. Stunning coffee and great value at this price, a must try.

Silver Filter, Bronze Milk Based, Silver Espresso

Unit weight:2.50kg
Price per kg:$16.50
Price:$41.25 / 2.50kg
FairCrack donation:$0.50 per kilogram

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