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HeatSnob Temperature Data Logger

HeatSnob - accurate temperature monitoring.

HeatSnob is far more accurate in the higher temperature ranges than a multimeter, this is smaller, neater and doesn't need batteries.

Designed in-house from the ground-up.

Comes with everything you need: a quality USB-C to USB lead, 25mm Stainless Steel thermocouple and of course the new alloy cased HeatSnob.

(if you want us to swap the 25mm probe for a 100mm probe please use the forum [contact us] to let us know your invoice number when you order)

RoastMonitor software will run up to 9 of these at once if you have the requirement to capture and graph that many temperatures.

More details including the link for the software:


This new model uses the USB Type C plug (included) which works either way up in the HeatSnob and a "normal" USB plug for your PC.

Unit weight:450g
Price:$80.00 each
FairCrack donation:$1.00 per item
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