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Behmor Brazen Plus 3.0 - Coffee Brewer

Behmor Brazen Plus 3.0

The latest Brazen Plus 3.0 version has new programming for better extraction with revised pulse water release timing. This 230 volt model is specially built and electrically certified for Australia.

More like an "electronic pour over" than those old style dripolators, the Brazen Plus 3.0 has all the features and pin-point accuracy to produce an outstanding brew every time. The water is heated in the top and only released when the temperature reaches the set point. The internal thermostat then continues to hold the water at the same temperature throughout the whole brewing process to yield an excellent and repeatable coffee.

Don't confuse this with the 1980's style brewers that have to overheat the water to make it rise to the coffee which then scolds the grounds before leaving it on a heated pad to stew the coffee for hours (YUCK).
The Brazen doesn't work anything like that and it's been our personal machine of choice used every day at the Snobbery and at home for many years!

Holds 1.2 Litres of water
Adjustable temperature control to 1 degree.
Programmable pre-soak to let the coffee bloom.
Pulse water delivery with thermal accuracy throughout.
A stainless, insulated thermal carafe
Altitude calibration to ensure accuracy.
Inbuilt timer, set at night and wake-up to great coffee.

Take your brew to a new level with this small footprint,
low cost machine. Perfect for home, office and business.


Ship to a real address (not a PO Box) for more delivery options.

Free freight is only for the Brazen, please place a separate order for anything else you need.

Don't get stuck with a dodgy import or an old model brewer, CoffeeSnobs gets these built at the factory for us so it's always the very latest Australian model.

Unit weight:5.10kg
Price:$259.00 each
FairCrack donation:$1.00 per item
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