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Flowering Tea

Flowering Tea (or sometimes called Blooming Tea) is the most beautiful and interesting way of presenting green tea in a glass teapot or carafe.

Dried green tea buds are wrapped in a ball around a flower (chrysanthemum, jasmine or amaranth), dropping the ball into a teapot and filling it with water just off the boil results in a slow "bloom" opening over 5-10 minutes.

Makes a 300-600ml pot of green tea that can be topped-up multiple times

There are 12 different combinations all based on green tea buds with different flower arrangements.
We will try and ensure you get as many different ones as we can if you order 12 or more.

(suitable glass teapots available under "other stuff" if required)

Unit weight:20g
Price:$2.10 each
Availability:SOLD OUT
FairCrack donation:$0.10 per item

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