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BeanBay » Green Coffee » Sumatra Mandheling Triple Sort

Sumatra Mandheling Triple Sort

This Sumatra Mandheling is a triple hand sorted and wet hulled bean from the Karo Highlands region of Northern Sumatra.

In the roaster expect a longer ramp-up to first crack as the moisture levels are higher but it's still an easy bean to roast and will follow profiles similar to Sulawesi Blue.

In the cup it has low acidity but a thick heavy body that will pour like melted chocolate on an espresso machine. Slightly spicy, earthy savoury tones and finishes with big cocoa flavours in the darker roasts.

Excellent for adding body to a blend or just enjoy it as a unique single origin.

Unit weight:2.50kg
Price per kg:$14.00
Price:$35.00 / 2.50kg

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