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Behmor AB - Coffee Roaster

Behmor AB Plus
(2020SR model for AU/NZ)

The next version of the Behmor roaster will be known as the Behmor AB,
"AB" stands for "All Black" in a rather obvious colour change from previous models.

This roaster will have all the same advanced features of the previous models with the major changes being a better door handle and double pane glass to meet new the EU regulations.

220v / 230v / 240v
Manual element control 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
2 drum speeds.
Side wall temperature
Exhaust Temperature
"Rosetta Stone" time reset at first crack.

FREE - 2.5kg of green beans (our selection).
FREE FREIGHT - anywhere in Australia
$5 FairCrack donation

### NOTE ###

The factory has started the build of these for Australia but we won't have any firm pricing, manufacturing, shipping or availability dates until it's all done.

Please don't ask the very annoying "are we there yet" question, we have been waiting for this for a long time and they will be available here as soon as they land.

Please use the [contact us] below to get added to the notification list and we will let you know more details as we know them.

Current best guess is landing here in the New Year with a $650 price tag but it might be earlier or later and cheaper or more expensive (you get the idea!)


Unit weight:14.50kg
Price:$650.00 each
Availability:SOLD OUT
FairCrack donation:$5.00 per item

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