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Mexico Vera Cruz Peaberry

Mexico Vera Cruz Peaberry.

Small, rounded peaberry beans that are typically sweeter in blind tests against their "flat" brothers from the same tree. I could never work out why they were sweeter, maybe it's caused by the high tumbling action during roasting or maybe it's more about the way they grow but either way, peaberry beans have a fan club all of their own.

In the cup this is is a crisp, bold coffee that cuts through milk beautifully without any nasty aftertaste. Works well in a range of roast depths with cocoa really coming out in the darker roasts and the brightness in lighter ones. Excellent coffee and I doubt you could be disappointed with this in any brew method.

Unit weight:2.50kg
Price per kg:$12.50
Price:$31.25 / 2.50kg
FairCrack donation:$0.50 per kilogram

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