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PNG Mt Ambra A

PNG Mt Ambra A is grown in the western highlands of Papua New Guinea. Excellent processing, washed and well sorted to an A size grading. The first impression of the green bean is the big coffee cherry aroma. These are seeds from sweet ripe fruit and it shows. Easy to roast and works through a range of roast depths and brewing styles. In the cup it produces a mid bodied espresso with those ripe red fruits coming through. Crisp in lighter roasts, cocoa in the darker ones, whichever way you roast this coffee you should love it.

Order fine print:
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* If humanly possible, your order will always ship the same day we actually receive payment from your bank (which is never the same day you pay).
* We recycle returned cotton bags so you might get the current logo or the original one, the logo has nothing to do with the age of the beans inside.
* Process with care, this is a natural raw product from coffee origin and may contain sticks, stones and other items that you won't want in your grinder or coffee machine.
* The CoffeeSnobs forums are a great place to share and learn what other roasters are doing with this bean but experimentation to suit your own taste is always best!

Unit weight:2.50kg
Price per kg:$12.00
Price:$30.00 / 2.50kg
FairCrack donation:$0.50 per kilogram

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