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FairCrack Stats

Total raised so far:$243,495.25
Total donated: $111,781.09
Current FairCrack balance: $131,714.16
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What is FairCrack?
CoffeeSnobs FairCrack is an exciting initiative that kicked-off in May 2007 to address the holes that we could see in supporting existing coffee causes and we honestly think that as a small community of passionate coffee consumers we can do it far better.

The biggest issue with any type of charity event is the amount of money raised that is required to manage and distribute the funds. With FairCrack we have a goal of zero administrative overheads and will do our best to ensure that 100% of the money raised or materials purchased ends up on the ground at coffee origin.

The above figures show the total money donated to date by CoffeeSnob members, the total amount spent to date and the outstanding balance in the pot for future allocation. Above the site wide totals you will find your own running total (if any money has been raised from your purchases) which you can proudly watch grow over time. Below you will find a brief description of the causes that CoffeeSnobs chose to support and the amount that was spent. We hope this "open book" style accounting will leave little doubt that the money raised is being spent wisely on sound projects.

July 2015

Building toilet facilities for the coffee pickers on the Elephant Hills plantation in India. This is far from glamorous but no more surprises under foot while working has to be better for the workers all over the estate.

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August 2013

Tanna Island, Vanuatu has many small plot farmers who need to process coffee where they pick it. FairCrack has purchased 35 hand pulpers, 60 rolls of poly, 20 rolls of shade cloth and 4 hand sewers to help improve their processing for years to come. (total US$18,950 including freight to Port Vila)

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June 2013

Today we have commissioned a coffee engineer in Kenya to build a total of 9 Eco Pulpers for existing and new villages on Kilimanjaro so they can continue to process cherry on the mountain and yield a better price at the mill. US$1500 ea (not including freight to TZ)

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August 2012

After the sucess of the initial blanket project we are going again. 1000 handmade made blankets for the villages on Kilimanjaro will provide clean healthy warmth without felling trees and will save familys sleeping in smoke fillled huts as well as providing employment making the blankets. (14 euro each)

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March 2012

FairCrack has funded the building of four huts on Machare Estate for coffee farm stay accommodation. People with a love for coffee will be able to stay on the estate for 4 days and see the real "bean to cup" process and possibly help with some hands-on chores. 100% of the building costs will go to local builders and materials needed. 20% of the revenue from all future farm stays will go directly into village projects creating a long term on-going income stream for the villagers and the remaining 80% will cover overheads (staff, food, maintenance, transport costs etc). (US$20,000)

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January 2012

Blankets! We can stop deforestation of Kilimanjaro with something as simple as purchasing blankets for the villagers. Typically they don’t own a blanket so during winter they burn more far more wood than they should need to. A blanket will provide warmth and halve their annual timber consumption leaving the mountain in great condition to continue coffee production under the natural wild shade cover. (2500 Euro)

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January 2012

Purchasing a portable and accurate coffee moisture meter will allow Bente’s farm manager to travel between the villages to ensure that they are all drying the coffee to the optimum level before it heads to the mill. This will result in a better coffee and higher auction prices for the Kilimanjaro villages for many years to come. Aquaboy coffee moisture meter (700 Euro)

December 2011

Another 2 villages on the slopes of Kilimanjaro will get clean running water with our purchase of poly pipe and fittings. The locals will dig the trenches and get the water to a central point and then each household can tap into this new main supply line. (2500euro)

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March 2011

The first stage of the irrigation project! Run a 63mm pipe from the seasonal Mang'ana well into the village. Currently they flood irrigate through the furrow with 75% wastage. This pipeline will give a cleaner, more reliable water supply without the waste.

July 2010

This donation has purchased two more pulpers for the Southern Kilimanjaro villages and some raised drying beds. We wish the farmers well in their new coffee processing journey

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May 2009

Following on from the initial success of the first project on the southern Kilimanjaro slopes we have replicated the project so that two new mountain villages will benefit from the installation of two new central pulperies.

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September 2008

Purchase two coffee pulpers for communal use by the small holder farmers on the southern slopes of Kilimanjaro. We hope this will improve their coffee quality and their market price for many years to come.

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May 2007

The birth of FairCrack happened in the following thread.

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